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Joomla Error 1146 – Why am I seeing this error ? How do I fix it ?


Use of Joomla for the content management system is very much common now. Sometimes while operating Joomla, your screen displays error 1146. It leads to the interruption in your work. But are you finding it hard to find the solution to the error?

Here is the answer for you. Detail information about the error 1146 with the solution.


Error 1146 is the database (DB) functioning error in Joomla hosted websites.  Running a Joomla website with shared hosting and limited access to the server may cause the error. This error is also called as jos_section error.

First and simple preventive measure to avoid the error is to avoid the shared hosting for the Joomla website. Try to connect finest bandwidth for the Joomla website to avoid limited server connection problem. But remember this is not the solution it is the prevention.

1146 error is generated when your website tries to connect properly with the database. But the database prefix defined at configuration.php which is at the root of the website, stops working.

Go to the configuration.php file edit it and fixed the error. For the solution of the DB prefix error, go to phpmyadmin and fix the DB prefix. It will solve your problem. Check the connection between database and configure.php to avoid the error. Clean the jos_session for the better results.

Many times, the message “error 1146 with jos_session corrupt” displayed on your screen, simply implies that the corrupt table has failed to write the command. Jos_session is used to write the command frequently as it manages the user sessions. Error occurs in the middle of writing process because the server runs out of the resources and finally corrupts the jos_session table.

First solution for this problem is to repair the jos_session table through the phpmyadmin. If it doesn’t work then you have to drop the jos_session to crack the error. Jos_session is a temporary data storage table, dropping it and recreating it is the simplest method. Use ‘mysql query’ to recreate the jos_session table.

Friday, 21 March 2014 12:09

Joomla Error 1064: Causes and Solutions

Written by JTAG Support

Joomla Error 1064: Causes and Solutions  - Why am I seeing this error ? How do I fix it ?

Amongst the Content Management System (CMS) websites, Joomla ranks high in popularity. Sometimes, while working with Joomla you may face database errors or PHP errors. One of them is the error 1064. What does this error exactly mean? How does it occur and what is the solution for it?p692774_m.jpg

Here are the answers.

Error 1064 in Joomla is basically a Structured Query Language (SQL) error. In simplistic terms, you may call it as typo error. Technically, it is a syntax error in the SQL query statement. There are two main causes of this error.

  1. Error 1064 occurs when a statement of SQL is trying to insert a certain type of data column value in a column of different type. For example, text is inserted in the column meant for numbers or vice versa. It is known as incompatible data inserting error.

The solution is simple for this error. Figure out the typo error at the specific column and fix it accordingly. Use phpmyadmin settings for differentiating the data and number column. Inserting the appropriate data carefully prevents the error. Also, before working on the solution you must understand the column distribution.

  1. The second cause of error 1064 is use of reversed words in SQL code. SQL has its own list of reversed words. These are words stored in SQL library and SQL engine uses them to perform specific functions for the specific purpose. Use of these reversed words in your code can cause error 1064. This error is also called as reversed typo error.

Solution: Back-tick the word using the button placed on the left side the button ‘1’ on your keyboard. Do not use double quote (“”) in the command. It will help you revert back your work. Another peculiar error occurs when you use “alter” in your code. This is also a reversed word in SQL library, so avoid using it.

Preventive measures to avoid error 1064

Above mentioned are main causes for the error 1064. To avoid these causes you need to follow some simple preventive measures mentioned further.

First, you need to ensure that the inserting numbers or texts should be placed in respective columns. Understanding the structure of the columns before working will help you to avoid the error 1064.

Understanding of the SQL engine listed word will help you to avoid the error 1064. You can be cautious about what word to use in your code after this. As they say, prevention is the best cure.

Monday, 13 January 2014 11:48

Using Videos on your Joomla site to boost traffic

Written by JTAG Support

Using Videos on Your Joomla Site to Boost Traffic

A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million. Using Videos on your Joomla site to boost traffic is an excellent strategy which is a must for everyone. Video marketing is a popular way to increase visitor count. You can include videos on literally any subject.  They are an excellent aid to demonstrate usability of a product or in describing and explaining systems and processes. There are many ways in which you can incorporate a video in your site or use them on YouTube to drive traffic.

Creating Effective Videos for your Joomla Site

Those who are new to videos wonder how to proceed without breaking a bank. However, there are many ways in which you can create great videos without spending anything. Sometimes simple text images which are essentially PowerPoint presentations can transform the look and feel of a website. Using simple devices you can add audio to the visuals, which will enhance the value of your videos. Simple videos can also be made for site navigation and providing information about a website with screenshots and  text.

Of course, real video capture may be necessitated in some cases; say when marketing exotic locales and holiday destinations. Product marketing can get a boost by crafting effective videos.

Using YouTube to Boost Traffic to Your Joomla Website

Frankly, YouTube has been a boon to video lovers. With billions of downloads daily, YouTube is possibly the most visited site. However, to market your website or to boost traffic, you also have to do much more than simply upload a video to YouTube. Describing your video with a catchy theme is important. Remember that search engines cannot peep into a video to pick up keywords (though such a capability will soon be developed). Search engines depend on the keywords which you embed in the YouTube describing the video.

Another aspect of YouTube video which you must incorporate is the call to action. Your video is a marketing tool and unless you drive traffic to your website through the YouTube video the purpose is defeated. Always convert viewers into visitors to your website by adding a call to action.

Using JTAG Video Component to Boost Traffic to Your Joomla Website

Joomla website administrators can use the JTAG video component to simply management of videos. Using JTAG module you can easily import videos from YouTube and Vimeo. The strategy must be to create and upload videos to YouTube and then importing them on your website. By doing this you not only have a presence on YouTube but save resources by linking to them from your website. The latest version of JTAG video module has a much better and improved user interface which makes video management easier.


Videos are an important tool which must be used to drive traffic to your website. JTAG video module can simplify importing and managing videos. As such, YouTube is an ideal platform to market your product or services through Videos.

Joomla is a versatile content management system and comes second only to WordPress in terms of users. Native Joomla supports multiple languages. However a language pack will only work with content written in same language. If you wish to create a Joomla website with multi-lingual support you have to install an extension. In the following paragraphs we will discuss various issues concerning multi-lingual support for Joomla website.

Configuring Joomla For Multiple Languages

Joomla is essentially based on extensions. These have a specific structure which contains information. The basic extensions consist of category, section, articles etc. This means that the system has to be informed about the language in which text has been written.  You can include multiple languages after you have provided information to the system on the chosen language. As a result, a website might have different structures to cater to different languages.

After you define the original language of your content you need to translate it to those languages you want to include. In the end, you might have   various structures of your site for different languages. While dealing with multiple languages is similar to installing a single language pack, there are some additional considerations. You may have to address issues like multiple authors for different languages, whether translations are associated with regions and countries and whether you need different views for multiple languages.

Installing Multi-Lingual Websites

The language manager of Joomla is a simple mechanism for setting up multiple languages. Once you have chosen a specific language for the initial installation, it’s easy to install other languages using the language manager. There is theoretically no limit to the number of languages which can be installed on a single Joomla site. This is probably one of the reasons why Joomla is popular around the world.

Prior to installing extensions for multi-lingual support, you must first install Joomla with a default language. This will enable you to configure your Joomla website with a structure. This step will facilitate the general setup of structure and navigation. An extension may be added at a later stage for multi-lingual support.

Installing Extension For Multi-Lingual Support

Once you have created a structure for the website with the standard language, it’s time to install extensions for multi-lingual support. There are numerous extensions available with different capabilities and features. It’s important to decide whether your site would be configured for automatic translation or manual. As a rule, automatic translation is not perfect. Many choose this option because it becomes easy to translate content in various languages and where exact word to word translation is not essential.  Each extension would have its own documentation and installation procedure.


Multi-lingual support for Joomla website can be easily developed with the use of extensions. These extensions are provided by independent developers and vary in capability. It must be remembered that in Joomla content management system, multiple language support can be provided in numerous ways. You may have to decide on your Joomla site structure before choosing suitable extensions for multi-lingual support

Friday, 20 December 2013 11:56

Resources For your Website

Written by JTAG Support

Being Resourceful

The art of developing and designing a website needs the right tools. After those innumerous cups of coffee you drink to be awake, the truth hard to gulp down is that your efforts might still go in vain! The meticulous coding, artful designing, the creativity and intelligence underlining everything, requires a dash of presentability and utility value. You don’t want to end up looking shabby. DealFuel helps you put up that smart face.

DealFuel lends you a helping hand with a repository of digital products ranging from e-books to graphics to design templates. There is always a knowledge or compatibility gap they are happy to fill up. In case of web resources, the gap is between you and your user. A heap of stock images and vectors will help you connect!

The ‘Mega Bundle of Handmade Web Resources’ consists of exclusive offerings – Thai tiles, 70 hand-drawn travel vectors, Hand-drawn Egyptian Hieroglyphs and many more texture-choices. Also, web elements’ package Million Little Hands that have over 50 individual objects with countless combinations! Ingenious fonts like Talking Trees and Khormaksar complete the backpack of artistic logistics for your website.

‘Flat Ninja’ is a package that combines utility and good looks. Right from buttons to icons to sliders, these have funky patterns that are useful in informing and guiding your visitors. These are packed in as many as 22 modules. Further, setting you free of the pixels and their complications, the ‘Broad Brush Vector Graphics Pack’ provides as many as 18 packs with a whopping 528 graphics!

‘Easy Discuss’ is a Joomla Forum Extension that creates a forum for your website. Its dynamic features - multi-interactions, real time updates, discussion tags and collaboration with social networking sites will help you connect with users.

All these resources come with real money-saver deals (check deals here). The whole point of packing them in one box is to achieve an all-round customer satisfaction.

We have put our best bet, we are sure you will have positive feedbacks!

Friday, 20 December 2013 10:55

Why developers simply love Joomla?

Written by JTAG Support

Why developers simply love Joomla?Content Management Systems (CMSs) were developed to create and publish content in a shared source without the use of HTML or any other language. By use of CMS, one can co-ordinate the work of various authors and editors and govern the branding and quality of the content. CMSs can keep a record of any and every piece of content on your webpage. Additionally, it enables reuse of content.

There are various CMSs available on the web. These work with text, photos, music, video and documents – basically everything.  A major gain of using a CMS is that it involves almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage.

The most often used CMSs are Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. All three can be downloaded free and each is developed and maintained by a community of thousands. Continuous updating and improving of CMSs, helps them support new internet technologies. The basic functions of these CMSs can be enhanced ad infinitum with an ever-expanding range of appendages.

Joomla has always been liked by users due to its advantages – framed as the Joomla advantage. This gives rise to a battle between Joomla vs Wordpress. Joomla has one of the best interfaces for managing a large number of articses and is extremely user friendly. Wordpress, on the other hand, is also easy and can look after multiple authors, focussed content types and pretty much anything one would expect from a CMS. But, in comparison to Joomla, its interface lags behind.

Joomla has downloads from all over the globe - over 35 million and counting. It is adaptable, easily manageable and mobile-ready, making it a very desirable CMS for corporate websites.

Joomla’s advantages over other CMS’s come in various forms. Such as,

  • Joomla is free of cost and is developed as an open source piece of online software.

  • Joomla makes it easy to manage and update content. Once a website is set up, one can add new pages, edit old pages, link new pages to the main or sub navigation, upload pictures and much more

  • Extensions contribute in adding functionalities to your website. There are hundreds of extensions available on Joomla - Ecommerce, Forums, Galleries, Classified Advertisements and much more.

  • In comparison to other CMSs, Joomla is highly risk free and fully secured.

  • The Administration panel offers many functions that can be unapproachable in the beginning. But, you can soon control most of them to use the full potential of the script and also increase its security.

  • Joomla is used globally to power corporate web sites or portals along with their intranets and extranets.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013 06:23

Upgrading from Joomla 1.7 to Joomla 2.5

Written by JTAG Support

Upgrading from Joomla 1.7 to Joomla 2.5

Cyber professionals are often weary of seemingly non-geeky acts like installations, and upgradations. That these processes should be fully automated is a common cry of all the netizens. But the joy of your website growing up is worth experiencing. We know it gets irritating when those red crosses prop-up and it looks like they are teasing you.

Joomla Migration from Joomla 1.7 to Joomla 2.5 is a surprisingly simple process. Your first measure is to be pro-active than reactive. As soon as you finish the Joomla upgrade process, go to the ‘Database’ tab under Extension Manager. You should check this even if your upgradation process ends with the message -‘successful’. Under ‘Database’ tab, you will see a message saying everything is ok, or the errors will be enlisted. You can simply click on the ‘fix’ button here and the errors regarding database will vanish. Hope the magic impresses you!

A magical kind of error is when you get a white screen after the Joomla Update. For any experienced developer, checking the error log is the logical step, and it is the right one. This is a problem of a specific extension; the log will tell you which one is creating the problem. Disable this extension and the white screen will disappear to give you back your website. Also remember that an upgradation should not change the appearance of your website. It might happen that your admin icons get vertical in appearance after the process. Note that this is an error and you need to rectify it by doing a ‘Purge Cache’ in your system panel and also a clean-up of your browser cache.

In another case, important information regarding the version like date, author is missing for some extensions. This error also has an arbitrary solution. Go to the ‘extension manager’ again and go to the ‘Manage’ button. You will find a check box in front of the extension where the problem has occurred. Check it and click on the ‘Refresh Cache’ button. Yes, it is a tad long process. But your problem is now solved.

Another common error is when the upgrade process is timed out. Make sure your PHP time out setting has been set to a high value. There are other precautionary measures like ensuring enough disk space and backing up your website, but we don’t want to annoy you with such basic instructions. Joomla Website Update is an essential process; we hope we helped you insert some fun in it!

Yes ! We have been busy this November ! 21 Extension Updates in 20 Working Days.

Click here to read all about it and download the latest version right now.

Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:33

Upgrade your Joomlatag Components manually!

Written by JTAG Support

Steps for manually upgrading Joomlatag components.

1) Take a backup of data for all the component tables from database (If you are not sure of which tables, please reach out to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
Please follow below steps to backup the tables -->

  • Go to your database (Instructions below are given for PHPMyadmin. If you wish to have it for any other database client, please reach out to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
  • Search the table.
  • Click on Export tab (Please keep the default options selected - Export Method as Quick and Format as SQL).
  • Save this file.

2) Take backup of any customizations you have done in Joomlatag product (any css change or code changes).

3) Now un-install the previous version of Joomlatag component.

4) Install the latest version of the Joomlatag component.

5) Import all tables in database following below steps -->

  • Go to your database
  • Click on import tab
  • Select your file and import.

6) If you have done any customizations, then apply those changes in the latest version.

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 13:03

Migrating your website from Joomla Version 1.7 to 2.5

Written by JTAG Support


If you are planning to migrate your Joomla website from Joomla Version 1.7 to Joomla Version 2.5, then before you begin the migration process, you absolutely must read through this detailed documentation first.

However, even after following all the instructions, if you still get any errors, it is recommended that you check these points


1. Ensure your PHP time out setting has been set to a high value so that the update process does not time out

2. Ensure you have enough disk space on your server

3. Check permissions on your server - folders need to be set to 755 and files need to be 644


After completing the update to Joomla 2.5, before setting out to take your new site for a spin -

1. Clear the cache in your Joomla Admin Panel

2. Clear your browser cache after completing the update process







Joomla CMS Trend 2013Joomla is a popular CMS or Content Management System whose user base has steadily grown over the years. However, this growth cannot be viewed in isolation and needs to be viewed in comparison with other CMS like WordPress , Drupal etc. Joomla as a CMS Joomla has largely been recognized by the developer community as a technically sound and stable CMS platform. In terms of sophistication it falls neatly between WordPress and Drupal.

While WordPress was initially designed to meet the requirements of bloggers and later converted into an all-purpose CMS, Drupal has at all times attracted technically savvy users who want to build complex websites. Over the years, Joomla trends suggest that it started off as a complete CMS solution and later incorporated tools to meet the demand of a growing population of bloggers. WordPress has always been content driven while Joomla is technology based CMS. This is one of the reasons why the WordPress user base is far larger than Joomla or Drupal.

Joomla in Google Trends

Google Trends provides interesting insights into the popularity of search terms Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. WordPress has stedily grown in popularity since its launch in 2003 and has peaked in February 2013. In comparison Joomla trends show that searches started tapering off from March 2009 and have seen a steady decline. Drupal search has been steady right through 2005 to present.

What do these trends in Joomla and other competing CMS actually mean? It’s not a coincidence that the phenomenal rise of WordPress has occurred simultaneously with decline in Joomla users in 2009. In fact, WordPress seems to have cannibalized Joomla users. Probably this was a period when WordPress started becoming a complete CMS instead of a pure play blogging platform.

Way ahead for Joomla

Trends in Joomla for 2013 and past years indicate that its popularity has declined in comparison to WordPress. Joomla needs to improve in some areas if it has to once again become a leader in CMS. More extensions Joomla is an open source CMS whose strength lies in developers creating extensions which would enhance its usability. Future trends in Joomla must give some kind of incentive to independent open source enthusiasts to foster a vibrant community of extension developers.


Trends witnessed in Joomla for the year 2013 are not all too negative. Its user base is expanding and so are independent developers supporting Joomla. At the same time, other competing CMS like WordPress continue to hold an edge. The ability to continually stay abreast of the latest CMS scenario is the only way Joomla can rule the CMS roost in future.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 07:18

JTAGCalendar Features ( Joomla Calendar )

Written by JTAG Support

JTAG Calendar is an extremely popular Joomla Calendar Extension that is easy-to-use and flexible as well. The screenshot below highlights some of its most obvious features. But you might want to read through the detailed list of JTAG Calendar's features here

To view JTAG Calendar in action, please click here

Joomla Events Calendar

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