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Release History

Extension Version Changes Release Date
Jtag Minicart
3.66 Fix issue of add colour button at back end.
06 November 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.80 Added Swedish language support.
06 October 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.79 Fixed css issues of navigator.
22 September 2014
Jtag LegalPages
2.00 Added Permissions to restrict Legal Pages for selected Joomla group.
18 September 2014
Jtag Localplus
1.35 Added Permissions to restrict Directory listings for selected Joomla group.
17 September 2014
Jtag Members
3.11 Added display options for linked in.Now you can restrict linked in option for non register users, for all users, editing from front end.
16 September 2014
Jtag RSS Feed Reader
1.08 Added Linked in share option.Now along with Facebook and twitter you can share link on linkedIn as well..
12 September 2014
Jtag Members
3.10 Added Linked in option.Now along with Facebook and twitter you can link linkedIn profile as well..
11 September 2014
Jtag Helpdesk
3.57 Now compatible with latest Joomla version above Joomla 3.3 .
10 September 2014
Jtag Members
3.09 Added option to display members from specific members category.
9 September 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.78 Added option to hide past events from front end.
4 September 2014
Jtag Members
3.08 Now you can set default country.
3 September 2014
Jtag Mini News Ticker
3.06 Now you can sort items list by ascending order
2 September 2014
Jtag RSS Feed Reader
1.07 Added option to Change background colour of module.
28 August 2014
Jtag Members
3.07 Added option to hide/show flag images.
26 August 2014
Jtag RSS Feed Reader
1.06 Added height parameter for module.
25 August 2014
Jtag Localplus
1.34 Added option to show manual list at top or bottom.
21 August 2014
Jtag Members
3.06 Added file type images for attachments on front end..
20 August 2014
Jtag LegalPages
1.99 Added blank template view which displays legal pages on directly on your template page.
19 August 2014
Jtag Helpdesk
3.56 Added French language support.
18 August 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.77 New count down module added which allow users to get countdown timer for next meeting
14 August 2014
Jtag Members
3.05 Added french language support.
13 August 2014
Jtag Legalpages
1.98 Added french language support.
12 August 2014
Jtag Members
3.04 Added editor option for custom field type text area.
11 August 2014
Jtag Minicart
3.65 Added option to hide/show pop up on product image.
07 August 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.76 Added option to hide/show export button of front end.
06 August 2014
Jtag Localplus
1.33 Added search feature which searches data from listings and display those listings only..
05 August 2014
Jtag Members
3.03 Added pagination to the categories at back end.
04 August 2014
Jtag Legalpages
1.97 Added border colour and shadow colour option for pop up view.
01 August 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.75 Now you can export events as csv file.
30 July 2014
Jtag Members
3.02 Added option to display users from particular Joomla group.
29 July 2014
Jtag Localplus
1.32 Added options to choose colour for border and box shadow.
28 July 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.74 Added pop up to display all events in Jtag mini calendar module.
23 July 2014
Jtag Minicart
3.64 Big pop up display for Image preview.
22 July 2014
Jtag Helpdesk
3.55 Added background colour option
21 July 2014
Jtag Members
3.01 Country Flags added for user's country
17 July 2014
Jtag Localplus
1.31 Added close button on popup view.
16 July 2014
Jtag LegalPages
1.96 Allow users to show/hide template title.
15 July 2014
Jtag RSS Reader
1.05 Now you can share RSS feed on twitter as well as search for it on twitter.
14 July 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.73 Now you can repeat event on selected day (like 3 rd monday of every month) from back end.
11 July 2014
Jtag Members
3.00 Added new view simple animation
10 July 2014
Jtag news ticker
3.05 Now decorate news ticker module with nice background colour
08 July 2014
Jtag RSS Feed Reader
1.04 Added Share on facebook link
07 July 2014
Jtag Tag Cloud
1.05 Added Animation on tags
04 July 2014
Jtag LegalPages
1.95 Added close button on pop up window.
02 July 2014
Jtag LocalPlus
1.29 Now you can define your colours for text and links.
30 June 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.72 New Jtag Mini Calendar Module which allows you to display monthly events in small calendar view
27 June 2014
Jtag Members
2.99 Added date picker for date type custom field search
26 June 2014
Jtag News Ticker
3.03 Added option to stop animation on title
25 June 2014
Jtag Meta Tags
2.13 Define your own keywords
24 June 2014
Jtag Calendar
3.71 Reduced file size
23 June 2014
Jtag Tag Cloud
1.04 Now you can choose colour of your tags using back end olour option
20 June 2014
Jtag Members
2.98 New look and feel of custom fields. Now you can set custom fields easily
18 June 2014
Jtag video
1.85 Scrolling title in Video top 10 module.
17 June 2014
Jtag RSS Feed Reader
1.03 Added exclude option for feed filtering.
16 June 2014
Jtag Ultimate Slider
2.02 Added article link on text and image,so it redirects to article.
13 June 2014
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